Tractor Welding Machine

Tractor Welding Machine

  • Light weight and small size for more flexible and convenient operation.
  • Digital control to achieve optimized welding performance.
  • Analog keys and rotary knobs for convenient operation.
  • Multiple functions setting (secondary menu) and protections.
  • Professional 3-proofing designs ensure well operation in extremely harsh environment.
  • Equipped with special machine auto start interface.
  • Built-in slow descent characteristics switch over function and can simulate silicon controlled welding machine performance.
  • Contact pad stop functions to guarantee auto wire feeding stop when arrived designated position.

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Traveling configuration rated input voltage Servo motor DC110V (permanent magnet)
Wire feeder rated input voltage Servo motor DC110V (permanent magnet)
Wire feeding type Arc pressure feedback variable wire feeding speed/constant wire feeding speed
Welding speed (cm/min) 5-150
Wire speed (cm/min) 30-300
Suitable welding power rated value 630A, 1000A, 1250A
Suitable wire diameter (mm) Ø2.0mm~Ø6.0mm
Allowable beam rise/fall height 100mm
Adjustable motor head distance (mm) 100×100×70 (up and down; left and right, front and back)
Rotation angle of cross arm rolling tractor ±90°
Welding torch deflection angle ±45°
Motor head deflection angle ±90°
Soldering flux capacity (L) 6
Spool capacity (Kg) 25
Dimensions (mm) 1020×480×740
Weight (Kg) 54
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A tractor welding machine is a type of welding equipment that is mounted on a tractor or other heavy-duty vehicle. It is designed to provide a mobile welding solution for agricultural and industrial applications.

The main benefit of using a tractor welding machine is its mobility. With a tractor-mounted welding machine, you can easily move your welding equipment to different locations on your property or job site without the need for a separate trailer or transport vehicle. Additionally, a tractor welding machine typically has a larger fuel tank and a higher amperage output, which allows for longer periods of continuous welding and the ability to handle larger welding projects.

A tractor welding machine can typically perform a variety of welding processes, including stick welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding. The specific welding processes that can be used will depend on the make and model of the tractor welding machine.