Tractor Welding Machine

  • Light weight and small size for more flexible and convenient operation.
  • Digital control to achieve optimized welding performance.
  • Analog keys and rotary knobs for convenient operation.
  • Multiple functions setting (secondary menu) and protections.
  • Professional 3-proofing designs ensure well operation in extremely harsh environment.
  • Equipped with special machine auto start interface.
  • Built-in slow descent characteristics switch over function and can simulate silicon controlled welding machine performance.
  • Contact pad stop functions to guarantee auto wire feeding stop when arrived designated position.

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Traveling configuration rated input voltage Servo motor DC110V (permanent magnet)
Wire feeder rated input voltage Servo motor DC110V (permanent magnet)
Wire feeding type Arc pressure feedback variable wire feeding speed/constant wire feeding speed
Welding speed (cm/min) 5-150
Wire speed (cm/min) 30-300
Suitable welding power rated value 630A, 1000A, 1250A
Suitable wire diameter (mm) Ø2.0mm~Ø6.0mm
Allowable beam rise/fall height 100mm
Adjustable motor head distance (mm) 100×100×70 (up and down; left and right, front and back)
Rotation angle of cross arm rolling tractor ±90°
Welding torch deflection angle ±45°
Motor head deflection angle ±90°
Soldering flux capacity (L) 6
Spool capacity (Kg) 25
Dimensions (mm) 1020×480×740
Weight (Kg) 54