• Equipped with multiple welding functions, such as DC MAM, AC MMA, DC TIG, DC PULSE TIG, AC square weave TIG, AC pulse TIG, etc. to meet various welding demands.
  • Digital control mode and man-machine interaction for easy and convenient operation.
  • Complete auto protection with 6 sets parameters protection to guarantee high reliability.

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  • Useful welding process management function to store 5 sets of most frequently used welding parameters.
  • Excellent MMA welding performance, accurate control on arc start current and arc force; easy arc start, less spatter, and fine welding bead.
  • Multiple 15 TIG modes to meet various welding demands.
  • Adjustable balance and pulse frequency when under AC TIG to achieve more refined welding.
  • Extensible synchronized TIG welding functions with two machines.
  • Easy auto welding functions compatible with robot and other automation equipment.
  • DC-MMA
  • AC-MMA
  • C-Pulse-TIG
  • AC-TIG
  • AC-Pulse-TIG
  • Pedal control interface
  • reserved water tank protection interface