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Model JSP 15
Input Voltage 180-220V SINGLE PHASE
No Load AMP 0
Max Output Current (A) 600A
Duty Cycle @ 40 DegreeC 80%
Weight (kg) 105kg
Dimension Approx (inch) 47x19x12
MS/Steel Sheet Thickness 0.3mm to 2mm/30 To 16Gage Sheet
Rod Welding Size 1mm To 10mm
Heating Protection Type Water Cooling System
Welding Deep Size 23Inch
Brass Rod Size 1.5/22Inch
Chromium Copper SizeModel JSP 15 KVA SPOT, SINGLE Phase 18mm
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A spot welder works by applying heat and pressure to two pieces of metal that are sandwiched together between two electrodes. The electrodes are usually made of copper or another highly conductive material. An electric current is passed through the electrodes and the metal sheets, generating heat and causing them to melt and fuse together at the point of contact.

Spot welding is primarily used for joining metals that are relatively thin, typically ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm in thickness. Common materials that can be spot welded include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Spot welding is a fast and efficient method of joining metals that requires minimal preparation or finishing. It is also a highly reliable and consistent method of welding, producing strong and durable welds that can withstand stress and fatigue.