Plasma Cut-160

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  • Convenient and simple operation panel, 2T/4T function.
  • Equipped with over/under voltage, over- heat/over- current as well as insufficient compressor air pressure protection.
  • Low cost cutting with highly stable and stiff arc, which enables smooth cutting notch, small cutting angle (ISO9013:2002 (E) standard 4-5) , less slag and warping, and smaller heat affected area.
  • Built-in pre/post-flow functions to protect torch electrode and nozzle.
  • Strengthened protection on cutting torch connector protects operator’s safety favorably.
  • Optional CNC signals interface and non-HF arc start are available, which protects for convenient connection with all kinds of CNC under different working circumstances.
  • Gridding cutting
  • O.C./O.H./L.G
  • Gas detection
  • O.H. protection
  • HF arc start
  • 2T/4T
  • CNC
  • Euro connector
  • Non HF
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Plasma Cut-160 is a type of plasma cutter used for cutting various metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. It uses compressed air to generate a plasma arc that melts and cuts the metal.

Plasma Cut-160 can cut metal up to a thickness of 30 mm (1.18 inches), depending on the type of metal being cut.

The maximum cutting speed of Plasma Cut-160 is approximately 12 meters per minute (39.4 feet per minute).