Multifunctional Problem Solver W9070 SuperXL Wonder

Wonder super XL is plastic safe high di-electric strength cleaner, lubricant, moisture displacer, penetrant & corrosion inhibitor that loosens dirt, scale, rust, Reopens jammed assemblies, cleans grease/grime and prevents electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity, condensation or corrosion. ♦ Protects against rust & corrosion. Fills microscopic irregularities on the surface & forms a protective barrier against corrosion & moisture damage. ♦ Dielectric strength- 47KV. Instantly improves electrical properties & enables equipment operation. ♦ Quick action, deep penetrative cleaner- quickly loosens dirt, scale, rust, re-opens jammed assemblies & cleans grease, grime. ♦ Superior capillary action- best in class penetration ♦ Displaces moisture. Dries out wet electrical systems & ignitions. ♦ Cleans & degreases. Penetrates dirt, grime, grease ,dissolves adhesives. ♦ Cleans, eliminates moisture, restores resistance valves & helps stop current leakages, arcing. Prevents breakdowns caused by acid/ alkali fumes, salt air, Moisture barrier. Prevents corrosion of all electrical equipments during transport. (removal not necessary) ♦ Contact lubricant improves current flow. Excellent dielectric non-greasy, silicone free long lasting lubricant especially designed for the lubrication & protection of precision machinery, electrical systems especially those situated in damp & corrosive situation caused by high humidity, acids and alkali laden conditions. 


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♦ Solubility in water : Insoluble

♦ Solubility in solvents : Soluble

♦ Oxidising properties : None

♦ CFC'S and Chlorinated equipment : NIL

♦ Toxicity : Non-toxic within OSHA permissible limits.

♦ Type of Film : Continuous molecular, se

♦ Dielectric Strength : 47,000 V/ ASTM

♦ Average film thickness 1 to 2 Microns.