MIG 500 (N 308)

Full bridge IGBT inverter technology, high reliability and less

energy consumption.

-Post-welding wire-end droplet elimination function, high no

load, slow wire feeding, high arc ignition successful rate.

-Unique welding dynamics control circuit; double drive wire

feeding configuration to ensure stable arc, less spatter, fine

welding bead and high welding efficiency.

-A prompt feedback circuit that provides for stable arc can

keep electric arc adjusted responsively as wire stick-out


-High duty cycle can withstand long time high load welding.

-International Standard IEC 60974-1


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Gas/Gasless FCAW

Built in Hot start & Arc Force

O.C. & O.H. protection


Inching/Gas Check

Slow feeding

Adjustable inductance Knob

Servo Drive 4-roller wire