FEATURES: SNR-value H-value M-value L-value 29dB 34dB 26dB 19dB FEATURES: • Ultra-Light Weight & Economical Model • Multiple positions Headband allows the users to select positions over the head behind the head or under the chin • Foam Paddings on ear cups to offer optimum noise reduction • Padded Earcup helps to eliminate the pressure. • Color of Cup: Black, Yellow, Red. • Suitable for Loud Machinery, Lawn Movers, Engines, Industrial Machines, Power Tools, Loud Music, Noise Places.

ANSI - ANSIS3.19-1974
Attenuation data - NRR.22dB

AS/NZS - Certified Product AS/NZS

SLC(80):26.9dB - Class 5



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