Heavy Duty Pedestal Spot Welding machine

Transformer: Low leakage (High linkage) design, proper cooling and insulation including winding impregnation to enhance reliability and service life. 

Current Control: current setting from min. to max can be done by 8 positions, off load tap switch.

Time Control: (With Timer) solid state Electronic timer to control weld time from 5 to 50 cycles and 1 to 10 seconds to achieve accurate and repeatable spots.

Weld Pressure: Adjustable max pressure levels are divided from a heavy duty compression spring mounted on a pressure rod with routine calibrated nut. Here is a special arrangement in the machine minimizes operator fatigue and ensures simple setting.

Cooling: Electrodes and arms are provided with water cooling arrangement with hose connections (water supply to be arranged by the user)

Electrodes: One pair of Morse Taper 2 straight electrodes made from hardened copper alloy is supplied with the equipment. Other types of spares can be supply on specific orders.


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