GMM 80 B2 4mmx450mm

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IS:1395-82     : E55B-B2 26 Fe   
AWS/A5.5      : E 8018 B2   
A low hydrogen iron powder type electrode deposits 1.25% Cr-0.50%  Mo weld metal. Excellent for welding creep-resistant 0.50 Cr-0.50 Mo, 1.0Cr-0.50 Mo steels. The weld metal displays excellent strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures upto 550C.  

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GMM 80 B2 4mmx450mm is a type of welding rod used for hardfacing and rebuilding worn or damaged parts subjected to metal-to-metal friction, impact, or wear.

The advantages of using GMM 80 B2 4mmx450mm include its high hardness and abrasion resistance, which makes it suitable for applications where parts are subjected to severe wear and impact. It also offers good resistance to heat and corrosion.

GMM 80 B2 4mmx450mm has a chemical composition of 0.8-1.0% carbon, 26-32% chromium, 0.5-1.5% manganese, 0.5-1.0% silicon, and 2.5-3.5% boron.