Electric cleaner Tri Clean W777 Wonder

1. Appearance: Non-foaming liquid

2. Colour: Colourless, transparent

3. Odour: Typical

4. Vapour Density: Heavier than air

5. Solubility in water: Negligible

6. Evaporation rate (Vs. Ether=1) : Faster than Ether

7. Hazardous polymerization: Will not occur

8. Specific gravity: > 1

9. Flammability: Label marking Not applicable

10. Flash point: None

11. Active ingredients by weight 97%

12. KB value 135

13. Dielectric strength: 36 kV

14. Propellant system Carbon Dioxide


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� Quick cleaning action for removal of oils, finger prints, industrial grimes and other contaminants � Ultra high KB value (135 KB) for unmatched cleaning power � Effectively removes grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants. � Low surface tension allows for easy penetration and eliminates the need for disassembly of component parts. � Restores and maintains original electrical values and constants. � Fast evaporation, does not leave residue. � Convenient 360 deg. (All Sides) spray valve for better spray control. � Non-flammable ozone friendly, CO2 propellant. � Minimum 97% actives.