Ear Plug Dispencer Udyogi

HSN Code : 3926

• Earplug dispenser with foam earplugs. The earplugs are 100% PVC-Free, slow

rebound: 1 minute (regular), various rebound time are welcomed

• Our foam earplugs are made of extra-soft, lightweight foam that seals the ear

canal without pressure, tensile, disposable

• Ear plugs now come in a new, small size to fit smaller ear canals.

• The same exceptional comfort that comes from the unique curved design of

earplugs is now available for women and other workers with smaller ear canals.

• The contours follow the shape of the ear canal which means less pressure at

the smallest diameter of the earplug.

• Earplugs innovative undercut design affords a secure fit all day long and are


• The large base helps provide proper insertion, fit and removal. And now the

same high-level comfort and fit is available to women and other workers with

smaller ear canals with the new earplugs, Small.

• Package – 250 Pairs

• SNR – 34DB.

• ANSI Approved
*250 pair of PU earplug without cord,dispenser with stand


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