Ear Plug

Ear Plug

  • Specifications : Material of Construction : Food Grade Soft
    Silicon Rubber
  • PP Corded for convenience and to prevent loss of earplugs. Soft,
    Smooth and dirty resistant surface for hygiene. Comfortable
    for a wide range of ear canal sizes Washable with water/ soap
  • Color : Orange, Cord Type: Braided Polypropylene.Hearing
    Protection Style: Press Fit.
  • Packaging: Round PP box with hinged lid and nickel coated metal
    key chain, Shape: Charismas tree type, three flange design.
  • Size: One size fits most
  • SNR : 33dB
  • Standard : Meets EN:352-2 : 2002

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Ear plugs are small devices designed to be inserted into the ear canal to reduce the amount of sound entering the ear. They can be made of foam, silicone, or other materials, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ear plugs are an effective way to protect your hearing in noisy environments, such as construction sites, factories, or music concerts. They can also be used to help you sleep in noisy environments or to prevent water from entering your ears while swimming or showering.

To insert ear plugs correctly, roll them between your fingers to compress them, then insert them into your ear canal while gently pulling your ear upward and outward. Hold the ear plugs in place for a few seconds to allow them to expand and create a seal.