ARC 200E

ARC 200E


MCU Control Technology, integral 2 PCB structure.

Energy saving with excellent dynamic characteristics and high efficiency.

Excellent welding performance, Stable ARC, molten pool easy to control.

Adjustable arc force guarantees good performance in long cable welding.

Applicable to aerial work, field work, indoor and outdoor

decoration, etc.

Portable with light weight and heavy duty


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Built-in hot start & Arc Force

Adjustable Arc-force knob(Z276)

OC & OH protection

Digital display meter

Anti-stick (2276)

300A earth clamp

+16mm2 x 1m cable + quick plug

300A electrode

holder 16mm2 x 3m

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The ARC 200E is a compact and lightweight welding machine that is designed for both personal and professional use. It is a stick welding machine that uses an arc to join metals.

The ARC 200E welding machine has a maximum amperage output of 200 amps.

The ARC 200E welding machine is primarily used for stick welding or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), but it can also be used for TIG welding with the addition of a TIG torch and accessories.