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ModelS – 3 ECONOMIC CLASSPhase1 + 2 PhaseType of Circuit Board5 Coil BasedOutput AMP250 AMPRod & Working Capacity2.00 mm – 24 Hrs
3.15 mm – 08 Hrs
4.00 mm – 01 Hrs(Stitching Work)Cable Length5 – 10 Mtr

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There are two primary types of stud welding, drawn arc stud welding, and the capacitor discharge. Here the base metal and fastener get heated by an electric arc where the fastener acts as an electrode to produce an arc between electrode and base metal.

The welding parameters (current and arc time) depend on the material type and size of the stud base. The current used is 250 to 600 Ampere and the cycle time 0.13 second to 1 second for stud of diameter 3 mm to 22 mm. An average of about six studs can be welded per minutes.