Eibenstock Positron Power Tools, Magnetic Core Drill & TCT Annular Cutter

Positron Elektrowerk was established in 2009 to provide cutting-edge new generation professional power tools.

In 2010, Positron formed a joint venture with the German company M/S Eibenstock Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. The business was established in 1919 and has always specialised on high-quality items for the heavy construction sector. Both financial and technical facets of power tool design, development, and manufacture are covered by the joint venture. In the Indian subcontinent, Positron also sells the whole Eibenstock product line.

Currently, Eibenstock power tools are sold in more than 70 different nations throughout the world. The business provides a broad range of heavy-duty, professional power tools for the construction and metalworking industries.