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  • The heavy beam and the longitudinal rail profiles, Good rigidity, Good stability
  • Can reduce the beam into the distal bow phenomenon while other manufacturers are all light bar
  • Any planar figure cutting
  • Flame cutting and plasma cutting
  • Lightweight, easy carrying suitable for cutting figures indoor and outdoor
  • Low cost, high precision, easy to operate and maintenance
Model HC-1530
Input Voltage AC- 220 Volt
Frequency 60/50 Hz
Effective Cutting Area X Axis: 1500mm, Y Axis: 3000mm
Running Speed 20-4000mm/min
Cutting Speed( by plasma cutting) 20-3500mm/min
Cutting Speed(by flame cutting) 20-750mm/min
Cutting Thickness(by flame cutting) 5-75mm
Cutting Thickness(by plasma cutting) According to the plasma power
Controller LCD 7 Color Screen
Software Fast CAM Australia
Manual cutting up Standard Stroke
and down device 100mm
THC (Auto plasma height control system) Standard Stroke 80mm