MIG 400 (N 396)

Digital control system with 32-bit efficient processor.

Synergic regulation with accurate current preset, optional customized database.

Process recall memory.

Operable within +20% of work voltage.

Equiped with intelligent-control fan system and sealed air passage.

Covered wire feeder with Current & Voltage display meter.

 Water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof.

High reliability and less energy consumption.

Double drive wire feeding configuration to ensure stable arc less spatter fine welding bid.

Suitable for normal low carbon stainless steel (thickness 2) Aluminum and its alloy (thickness 2-3 mm) wide

application in ship building, steel structure, petroleum, chemical industry



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OC & OH Protection


Wire Size and Metal Selection

Auto Gas Selection

Adjustable Hot Start & Arc Force

CAN Interface (Optional)

Error code for Machine Protection